not in the same way

you fetch the sugared donut
you gave it to me, said it was a gift
I replied and told you that I was vegetarian
you said I was stupid, because donuts donut have meat
I said "I know, but they have plastic"

I'm not a roll model, never was my intention
but music inspires me
music inspires everyone, despite the amount of drugs
or alcohol
nevertheless, you are stupid

in your massive amount of stupidity per neuron
you, in times of affliction, have the ability to always know what to say
like that time when your father lose his finger and you said: don't worry, you still have nineteen

all in all, the only smart thing you ever did in your entire life was, not reading the bible
you are already stupid enough to have more bullshit in your head

thank God .


so yes, we do live in a world of misery
diseases, people starving, country's without water, country's that have turned into rivers
and yet, we praise Him

we praise Him for his goodness of giving us dogs, sheep's, lungs, fingers, eyes
we praise Him when a child is born
we praise Him when a person dies, and ask Him to take care of the lost one
so following the logic, God only takes care of us, when we die

I'm pretty sure that when a child is born, its because of something that come out of daddy's balls
or.. NO WAY!
you are not communist are you? because, despite being my brother and all, we in the states.. you know.. we say we dont have nothing against you people, but its, well, not quite true.. Hey, its a democracy right?


freedom of speech , free stupidity .

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